Buzan’s mind mapping was created by Tony and Barry Buzan. They are brothers who have vast amounts of education in brain development. Tony is the originator of Mind Maps and is the creator of the concept of mental literacy. Barry is a professor of International Studies and has been extensively engaged in using and developing Mind Maps since 1970 and has been working with his brother on the Mind Map book since 1981.T & B Buzan (1990) note that Mind Maps were formally introduced to the world in spring 1974 with the publication of The Mind Map. The Mind Map is a graphic technique that can assist you to clarify your thoughts, organise information, communicate clearly or take in information (below please find an example of a mind map explaining Tony Buzan’s himself)
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"In my 2nd year at University I strode purposefully into the library and asked the Librarian where I could find a book on my brain and how to use it. She immediately took me to the medical section of the library, when I explained that I did not wish to operate on my brain but to use it, I was politely informed that there was no such books. I left the library in astonishment" (Buzan, 1993, pg.11)